Elite Program

The elite program is aimed for students who take their dancing more seriously. It is by invitation or audition only and consists of students who are at an advanced level no matter what their age. Whilst all students at Instyle will get the opportunity to perform at many events, the Elite program students will be used for very important performances to represent the school.

Our aim and goals are to help students feel good about themselves, develop character, integrity, self-esteem, whilst developing a joy for dance. We encourage the importance of teamwork and strive to provide the best dance curriculum possible to inspire and turn out quality dancers.

CSTD examinations are an excellent way to improve on technical abilities and to progress on skills in the art form of dance. They teach the importance of musicality and self-expression. They are held annually in July/August by a qualified interstate examiner. Examinations are the required progressive steps to gain a full teaching diploma to become a qualified dance teacher. We offer exams in theatrical, jazz, tap and ballet from junior to diploma level. Exams are optional.

Instyle caters for fun, fitness and for those who want to pursue a career in dance and performance.